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OMET deals with pressure and temperature gauges.

Since 1958, when the company was established, OMET has been dealing with pressure and temperature gauges.

The company had its first experiences in chemical, petrochemical, food industry and heating fields.

Then OMET has developed its activity in order to supply the following products:

  • Pressure gauges and recorders
  • Temperature gauges and recorders
  • Certification of calibration of gauges
  • Accessories for pressure and temperature gauges

The products and services supplied have the following features:

  • Pressure gauges include: bourdon tube, diaphragm, bellow, capsule and differential models. The execution can be completely in stainless steel, in dial sizes from 63 to 250mm
  • Temperature gauges are bimetal or inert gas filled type, in local or remote execution by a capillary
  • The certification and calibration of test gauges is performed by gauges which are themselves certificated by an officially recognized lab, ACCREDIA
  • Accessories are cocks, valves, dampeners, manifolds, siphons

In February 2001 OMET achieved the certification of its quality system, according to UNI EN ISO 9002: 1994 norm. Above certification has been updated conseguently to norms modifications (Download PDF the certification of its quality system - 133 kb).

At present OMET operates in the national and international market and can supply the following services and products:

  • design, production and sell of standard products from its catalogue
  • design, production and sell of products on customer data sheet
  • calibration service for its own or external pressure gauges
  • marketing of items (pressure and temperature gauges and relevant accessories) from external production

The company is located in Pessano con Bornago in via sette Martiri n.26, on an area of 1700 m2.

OMET has a metrological laboratory for pressure, equipped with very accurate electronical calibrators and deadweight testers to certify its own pressure gauges or gauges from other manufacturers.

The Company is associated to GISI, the Group of Italian companies for Instrumentation.

Uni Iso 9001/2008 DNV

  Download PDF certification
OMET di Ceresa SRL
Via Sette Martiri, 26
Pessano Con Bornago (MI)

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